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Stricter regulation: "Moesa power plant" will not be pursued further


28.10.20 - The two Grisons municipalities of Cama and Grono, together with Axpo, have decided to dissolve the study consortium founded six years ago to optimize the use of the Moesa's hydropower. Due to a Government decision on the residual water remediation of the existing power plants in the Misox, the project is no longer eligible for approval.

In June 2014, Axpo launched a preliminary study on behalf of the study consortium on the utilization of the hydroelectric potential of the Moesa on the territory of the municipality of Cama and the former municipality of Verdabbio (now Grono). After thorough examination, a power plant with a catchment location in the Sorte district and water return below the fish farm in Al Pont was found to be the best option. The elaborated concession project "Moesa power plant" was presented to the public on April 6, 2016. The projected power plant was to produce 20 gigawatt hours of electricity per year (equivalent to the consumption of about 4500 households) and cost about 24 million Swiss francs.

Due to the imminent merger between the municipalities of Grono, Leggia and Verdabbio, the project was suspended in 2016. The study consortium decided to extend the suspension in 2017, because adjustments to the Swiss Energy Regulation would have led to lower funding contributions and thus reduced the project's economic viability.

During the project interruption, the Canton of Grisons reaffirmed its efforts to implement the mandatory residual water remediation of the existing power plants in Misox. An advisory group consisting of cantonal authorities, municipalities, power plant operators and environmental protection organizations agreed on an overall solution. The resulting decision of the Government Council of 5 March 2020 not only regulates the residual water volumes of the existing power plants; it also stipulates that no additional hydropower use of the Moesa below Soazza may take place until the Misox power plants are relicensed in 2043.

These changed conditions make it impossible to obtain a permit for the concession project "Moesa power plant". The representatives of the study consortium have therefore decided not to pursue the project and to dissolve the consortium.


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