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Rockfall damages Tierfed pumped storage plant


24.01.2024 - Early on Tuesday morning, a rockslide occurred in the area of the Tierfed pumped storage plant operated by Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG. A transformer was damaged and the operation of the pumped storage plant had to be interrupted. 

The falling rocks broke through the safety net above the Tierfed pumped storage plant and damaged the power plant. Oil from a transformer that had been hit subsequently splashed onto the site and the equalisation basin. Small quantities of oil were also spilt into the Linth as a result. The fire brigade that was called out set up appropriate barriers and removed the leaking oil.

Due to the damage caused, the Tierfed pumped storage plant had to be taken out of operation. The focus is currently on replacing the torn safety net with provisional protective measures. The extent of the damage and the expected duration of the interruption to operations are currently being clarified.

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