We bring the energy flow to Switzerland

How do you benefit from Axpo? One third of Switzerland uses power produced by Axpo - including private households. When you switch on the lights, cook, charge your smartphone or computer - you rely on power, and you rely on Axpo. We produce, trade and distribute energy for over 3 million people and several thousand companies in Switzerland.

More than power

We are committed to society in sports, education and culture. Nature and the environment are important to us. That is why we are committed to climate protection and energy efficiency.

We enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions

How can we get you excited about energy?

Experience Axpo

Experience the world of electricity with a guided tour of the Beznau hydroelectric or nuclear power plant or the interim storage facility in Würenlingen.

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With our national and local partnerships, we demonstrate and promote team spirit: In sports, in nature and the environment, in research as well as in education and culture.

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Axpo at home

As Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energies, Axpo produces, sells and delivers electricity to companies and utilities that supply private households.

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Energy stories

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iTAK – an Axpo innovation

Efficient solution for voltage conversions

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