Axpo at home

Over a third of Switzerland uses Axpo electricity – perhaps you are charging your smart phone or reading with light using Axpo power. As Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energies, Axpo produces electricity, and sells and delivers it to businesses and energy utilities (cantonal and municipal utilities) that supply private households.

Our power plants

Axpo operates around 100 power plants in Switzerland – often with partners. 

Our climate-friendly electricity production for you includes over 60 hydroelectric power stations, biomass power stations and the largest wood-fired power station in Switzerland (Axpo Tegra) in Domat Ems. The nuclear power plants in Beznau (100% Axpo), Leibstadt and Gösgen (shareholdings) produce electricity that is nearly CO2-free.

Here's where we produce electricity for you:

Axpo Tegra wood power plant
Beznau nuclear power plant
Eglisau-Glattfelden power plant
Axpo biomass fermentation plant
Limmern pumped storage plant
Gigerwald Reservoir
Beznau hydropower plant
Kollbrun small hydropower plant

Electricity distribution with 2200 kilometres of distribution grids

Axpo has its own grid infrastructure – with over 2,200 kilometres of distribution grids and 6,000 power masts – to ensure that the electricity gets to you. Axpo connects the transmission grid of the national grid company Swissgrid with the distribution grids of companies in the industry and energy supply companies. 

Where does Axpo electricity go

Axpo supplies one third of Switzerland with electricity: The entire northeastern part of Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and parts of the cantons of Schwyz, Zug, Grisons and Valais.

The power grid brain

Axpo grids are operated by the Energy and Network Control Centre in Baden. This control centre is the brain of Axpo's entire electricity network. It controls and monitors the grid and over 100 power plants around the clock, 365 days a year.

Electricity for Central Switzerland

The CKW Group is a leading Swiss provider of integrated energy and building technology solutions with a focus on decarbonization. Since 130 years, the company has been supplying electricity to its now over 200,000 end customers from the cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz. In addition, it offers innovative products and services throughout Switzerland in the areas of electrical engineering, photovoltaics, heat technology, e-mobility, building automation, ICT solutions and security.

The CKW Group has over 2,000 employees throughout Switzerland, including over 350 apprentices in 14 professions. It is the largest private sector trainer of apprentices in central Switzerland.


Axpo produces and trades energy for more than 3 million people in Switzerland and internationally. Who we are, what we do where and why.

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For Axpo, sustainability is an important part of daily business. Axpo is an attractive employer and committed to society.

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Garden products

Private customers can dispose of biogenic waste at our sites and purchase high-quality compost, fertiliser and wood products.

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Plant management

Is your building project located near a power line? Obtain more information about the Axpo power lines.

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