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Do you like to work in your garden? Or do you have a raised garden bed on your balcony? If yes, we have something for you.

The sustainable use of biowaste to produce biogas or electricity in our Axpo biomass power plants produces high-quality natural fertiliser, universal and compost soil. Try our products in your garden.

Axpo offers the following four garden products (while stocks last) for sale in sacks:

Wood chips 70 l Natural fertiliser 50 l Fine compost soil 30 l Universal soil 30 l
9.00 CHF * 5.00 CHF * 7.00 CHF * 8.00 CHF *

*Price per bag incl. VAT

Fine compost soil

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Wood chips

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Universal soil

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Natural fertiliser

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Sustainable products for gardens and raised garden beds

Growing your own vegetables on your doorstep is possible in the country as well as in the city. Plant what you want to have on your plate and harvest fresh, organic vegetables. By growing your own vegetables, herbs and flowers, you get in contact with nature and have a positive ecological impact on the environment.

Axpo provides all the necessary materials (fertiliser, compost and wood products) for your raised garden bed. You will find all information about materials as well as valuable tips and tricks around raised garden beds in the brochure.

What we do

Axpo Biomasse is the leading company for the dry fermentation of organic waste in Switzerland. With our fermentation plants, composting sites and mobile services, we recycle biowaste from more than 3,000 towns, municipalities, industrial and commercial enterprises, to produce renewable energy and nutrient-rich natural fertilisers. This process includes green waste from households, as well as food and food scraps from industrial and commercial enterprises. The fermentation and composting process produces high-quality fertiliser and compost products. 

Biogenic waste contains a considerable CO2-neutral energy potential. Solid fermentation per tonne of green waste reduces CO2 emissions by around 200 kilograms. Communities and companies can significantly improve their ecological footprint by fermenting organic waste. Materials with a high proportion of wood are processed into high-quality compost products in the composting process. The fertiliser from solid fermentation and the compost from composting are spread on agricultural fields, thus completing the biomass natural recycling circuit.

When Axpo is present at events, it also collects leftover food, garden waste and compostable plates and cups. 

What belongs in biowaste?

Recycled end products, natural fertiliser from fermentation and the compost from composting are returned to nature. It is therefore very important that no foreign materials such as plastic, metal or glass are disposed of in biowaste. Please support us in recycling only biogenic material so that the ecological cycle can be completed and nature can be taken care of.

Important: Only use compostable biowaste bags (compobags). These can be identified by the grid imprint.

This belongs in the green waste container.

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