High-quality universal earth

Buy high-quality universal soil for your potted plants at the location near you.

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Peat alternatives

Use and benefits

  1. Promotes water flow, aeration and soil biological activity
  2. Improves structure and loosens soil
  3. High-quality compost made in Switzerland


  • Optimal for all potted plants
  • Can be used in vegetable, herb and flower beds
  • Can be used as top layer in raised garden beds


The universal earth is produced in various process steps on our composting sites. The delivered green waste is crushed with a shredder and piled up to a rent (compost heap). The windrows are then moved several times a week for several months in order to bring in moisture and air. After 5, which is about 10 months during which composting takes place, 10 percent humus is added to the product. After quality control, the compost is sieved to a grain size of 10 mm. The mature compost is then mixed with humus and peat substitute, i.e. treated wood and horn shavings.

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