Fine compost soil

Buy high-quality, fine compost soil at the Axpo location near you.

90 %

Matured compost

10 %


Use and benefits

  1. Provides the soil with many important nutrients
  2. Excellent long-term fertilising effect
  3. High-quality compost from Switzerland


Flower and vegetable beds

Before planting, spread a layer of approx. 1 cm evenly over the beds and mix it in the surface. 

New planting of trees, shrubs and ornamental shrubs

For new plantings, mix one third compost soil in with the dug up earth and plant seedlings in this mixture. 

Berries and fruit trees

In autumn, after vegetation, cover the bed with about 4 cm of compost. Repeat this process in spring, before vegetation, and work in compost lightly.


The compost soil is produced in various process steps on our composting sites. The delivered green waste is shredded with a shredder and piled up for rent. The rents are then moved several times a week for several months in order to bring in moisture and air. After 5 of the approximately 10 months of composting, 10 percent humus is added to the product. After quality control, the compost is sieved to a grain size of 10 mm.

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