High-quality natural fertiliser

Obtain natural fertiliser from fermented digestate at the Axpo site near you.

Use and benefits

  1. Improves soil structure and increases crop yield
  2. Organic certified natural fertiliser (FiBL)
  3. Contains all important plant nutrients
  4. 100 % hygienised (germ-free)


Vegetable and decorative gardens

4 to 7 kilograms per square meter

Flower beds, trees and shrubs

Mix of humus (75 %) und natural fertiliser (25 %)

Raised garden beds

Can be used as a middle layer (1/3 of the entire filling material)

Soil conditioner

Work in 8 to 12 kilograms per square metre every 2 to 3 years


Biogenic waste is recycled in a purely bacterial process under exclusion of oxygen. The material spends approx. 10 - 14 days in the fermenter at 55 degrees Celsius. This process produces raw gas. The raw gas, which is later refined into biogas, can be fed directly into the gas network or used for electricity and heat production. The material leaving the fermenter at the end of the fermentation process is separated into a solid and a liquid part. Both are suitable as natural fertilisers owing to their high nutrient content. The use of the natural fertiliser in agriculture completes the natural ecological cycle.

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