Clear commitment to the environment

Axpo intends to remain Switzerland's leading energy company in the field of sustainability. To this end, we are committed to sustainable climate protection with an ecological balance and energy efficiency.

Climate protection

For the consistent implementation of our sustainability strategy with a clear commitment to climate protection, Axpo compiles a greenhouse gas inventory in accordance with the ISO 14064 standard and has it certified by an independent body. The inventory creates transparency regarding the most important emission flows within our company. Based on these results, we continuously derive improvement targets, reduction and compensation measures.

Axpo has set itself the goal of ensuring that the greenhouse gas intensity of its electricity generation from its own plants and shareholdings is below the European reduction path for the electricity sector to achieve the 2-degree target in accordance with the Paris Convention.

Life cycle assessment of our technologies

A life cycle assessment documents the environmental impact of a product or service over its entire life cycle. Axpo systematically examines all its production technologies using the life cycle assessment methodology and presents the results in the form of environmental declarations in accordance with the ISO 14025 standard.

Reducing environmental impacts

One of the most important components of the sustainability strategy is the continuous reduction of environmental impacts. Our focus is therefore on reducing greenhouse gases throughout the production cycle.

The environmental declarations of the production technologies provide insight into the individual power plants and their impact on the environment.

Protecting nature – with regional and national partners

Nature is the resource of energy production. We are aware that the production of energy is always associated with an intervention in nature and our environment. It is all the more important to take care of the environment and to maintain the balance between protection and use.

Together with national and regional partners, Axpo is committed to a sustainable and attractive Switzerland. The following projects stand for mindful, careful nature conservation.

  • One of teh first partners of the Vier-Quellen-Weg (Four Springs Trail). The springs of the Rhine, Rhone, Reuss and Ticino rivers are located along the 85-km stretch of the hiking trail, which was opened in 2012.
  • Axpo supported the electrification of the Vermigelhütte (alpine lodge) along this route.
  • Axpo is also involved in the construction of a new mountain hiking trail to Europe's highest watershed at 3025 metres above sea level.
  • Cooperation with Aargau Tourism

Energy efficiency

By 2022, we plan to significantly increase our energy efficiency – and save 150 million kWh. For us, energy efficiency means using, producing and distributing energy efficiently.

No compromises when it comes to quality

It is clear to us that increasing energy efficiency has a positive effect on the productivity of our company – without having to compromise on quality.

Concrete measures

Axpo increases the efficiency in

  • the maintenance of production facilities with state-of-the-art, efficient technology
  • the reduction of energy losses on the distribution networks
  • the economical use of energy in the operation of our buildings

Minergie for building efficiency

Axpo uses the Minergie standard for new buildings and refurbishments. Numerous buildings in Baden, Rathausen and Böttstein already meet this standard. Building efficiency is constantly being improved by optimising operations. The result can be clearly seen in a reduced consumption pattern and lower emissions.


For Axpo, sustainability is an important part of daily business. Axpo is an attractive employer and committed to society.

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