Digital Hydro We embrace digital evolution in hydropower

With a digitalization offensive, we are making our hydropower plants, some of which are over 100 years old, even more efficient in operation and maintenance.

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many hydropower plants have been in operation for over a century


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are going digital throughout Switzerland


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we have 20 use cases for digitization in our portfolio

In a nutshell

As the largest hydropower producer in Switzerland, we have recognized that the digitization of hydropower plants is an important step in the further development of this century-old technology. Since 2019, we have been successfully driving the digitalization of our hydropower plants in the areas of analytics, workforce, and robotics.

Interesting Facts

Analytics - Data is the key to the digital future of hydropower. That's why we gather the technical and commercial data from our hydropower plants and systematically evaluate it. This is how we build the foundation for data-based, transparent decisions.

Workforce - Digital hydropower makes the daily work of our colleagues in the power plants easier and more efficient. Thanks to mobile applications, our employees can focus on what really matters - the work that keeps our hydropower plants running smoothly.

Robotics - Drones broaden the perspective of our power plant employees. They get an overview of potentially dangerous situations from a safe distance or make sure everything is in order on the plant site. Drones also help us to measure our dam walls accurately.

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