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The Trading & Sales division is the commercial division of the Axpo Group, which specialises in the trading and distribution of energy products and services in Switzerland and internationally. It comprises various business activities such as marketing its own electricity production, active trading on international energy exchanges or providing tailored solutions for business customers. Successful growth and a high degree of specialisation mean that this business area offers a large number of unique and attractive activities.

Our analysts work closely with traders to develop short, medium, and long-term trading strategies based on market news, data and models. This requires exceptional analytical skills, knowledge of quantitative methods and the talent to identify key trends at an early stage.

Due to the enormous amounts of data that we process every day, we are dependent on an extremely efficient IT system. We use the latest technologies and approaches such as cloud computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. People with experience in these areas will find unique opportunities to apply their knowledge here.

High entrepreneurial dynamism also requires a modern and professionally implemented risk management system. A large number of highly qualified specialists work here, not least those from the financial services sector, who have found a new exciting challenge in the energy business.

The originators of the Trading & Sales division translate complex customer needs in the energy sector into concrete products and tailored solutions. They are customer-oriented and always look for the most suitable solution. You have strong analytical skills, enjoy customer contact, and have a persuasive personality.

Our traders trade in the various European trading hubs with various trading products, such as electricity, natural gas, oil, coal, biomass, as well as CO2 and green certificates for energy from renewable sources. The qualities they bring to this function are very good analytical skills, strong nerves and resilience, good self-management and the ability to assess risks.

A look behind the scene

Watch the reaction of our colleagues, as they find out that Axpo's customers named Axpo the world's best electricity trader.

An if you ever wondered how a trading floor looks like, find out more about it with Trader Jivko Jekov.

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