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Our employees in generation and distribution help to shape the energy future. The aim is to ensure the safe, stable operation of our power plants and distribution grids. The demands and technical advances on the energy market drive us to grow in the field of renewable energies. This requires our employees to contribute innovative, agile approaches and technical expertise.

The company is responsible for the safe, reliable and environmentally compatible operation of our power plants in the areas of large-scale hydropower and pumped storage, nuclear power, gas, small hydropower, wind power, biomass and photovoltaics. As a skilled craftsman in operation or maintenance, you will deal with the electrical and technical systems. You will make an active contribution to security of supply. As an engineer in the fields of Renewable Energies, Hydro Power or Nuclear Power, you will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of existing power plants and facilities, as well as for the planning and implementation of new projects. Our engineers must be innovative, open to change, technically versed, and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Our employees contribute their basic technical knowledge and combine it with IT and economic efficiency.

As a network engineer, you will be involved in the operation, maintenance, and construction of networks for Axpo or third-party companies. These tasks require a basic knowledge of electrical engineering, a methodical approach and a high degree of customer and result orientation.

Our data scientists deal with the digital transformation of our production facilities and networks. Our employees use large amounts of plant data, for example, to open new business areas or optimise existing ones through data analytics and predictive maintenance. This represents an important basis for modern energy production and supply. It requires technically affine data scientists that have analytical and networked thinking skills as well as an innovative or agile mindset.

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Learn more about the management of a wood-fired power plant - an interview with Andreas Eugster:

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