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At Axpo, we value diversity and inclusive in our team and see it as a key factor in our success. Our colleagues come from all corners of the world, representing different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and skills. We celebrate the uniqueness of each team member and promote a culture of mutual respect, inclusivity, and empowerment. By doing so, we foster innovation, creativity, and productivity, and build a strong, unified team.

"Axpo is proudly a diverse company. Our employees come from around 60 different countries, and work in 145 different job profiles."
Christoph Brand, CEO
"One example of our continued commitment to diversity, is our drive to substantially increase the proportion of female employees and managers."
Christoph Brand, CEO
"Diversity, in every respect, has been, is, and will remain, a key success factor for our organization.”
Christoph Brand, CEO

We recognise that Axpo’s diverse teams have a range of needs, and we cater to these through attractive employment conditions. Axpo empowers everyone to develop and express themselves, both professionally and personally.

Fostering a culture of mutual respect

We offer flexibility

We understand that every situation is unique and deserves flexibility and support. Axpo’s people enjoy part-time arrangements, flexible hours, opportunities to work from home and help with childcare costs.

We connect our people

We know that the best solutions come from combining different viewpoints. Our networks for female executives and junior staff across all functions encourage discussion, development and mutual support. We also help our people to connect informally through Axpo’s Culture Club or Sports Club.

We value gender diversity

We’re a proud member of Advance, the leading business association for gender equality in Switzerland. In addition, we work closely with SVIN, the association for female engineers.

We celebrate diversity

We celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, as well as International Women’s Day. Marking occasions like these is just one way we take a clear stance on these thought-provoking topics.

We commit to fair recruitment

We recognise the role that diverse teams play in our company’s success and performance. That’s why we strive to be inclusive at every stage of the hiring process. Our recruiters get regular training to safeguard an unbiased and fair recruitment process for all.

Diversity - our key to success 

Axpo is a Swiss company with a global mindset. Our team of around 60 nationalities, spread across 31 locations in Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia, is dedicated to delivering innovative energy solutions. Our diverse team comprises a 26% share of female talent and a mix of Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Gen Z, all working together towards our common goal.

At Axpo, we have over 150 different job profiles, and we thrive on the unique ideas and perspectives of our team members. They bring their experience, expertise, and passion for advanced solutions to the table, contributing to our collective success.

Our Leadership Principles

The future of energy requires a culture of innovation. Our employees thrive in an environment that fosters expertise, leadership and entrepreneurial thinking, offering them countless opportunities to learn, grow, collaborate and shine.

One of the most important powers at Axpo are the people. Axpo has over 6,000 talented, highly qualified employees, who work hard to add value for our customers, partners and stakeholders. We have a strong focus on skills, leadership and development. 

Be a leader

  • Lead by example
  • Take ownership
  • Add value

Shape the future

  • Focus on results
  • Experiment and innovate
  • Exceed customer expectations 

Make it happen

  • Work as a team
  • Create solutions and utilise opportunities
  • Act entrepreneurially and deliver results

Care about people

  • Communicate actively, candidly and respectfully
  • Embrace feedback to grow
  • Lead with empathy

These are our leadership principles. They apply to all employees at Axpo.

Working at Axpo

Axpo empowers our people to seek new solutions, implement projects and develop innovative products.

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