In order to consistently implement our sustainability strategy with a clear commitment to climate protection, Axpo conducts a greenhouse gas inventory according to ISO Norm 14064, and has the results certified by an independent authority. The inventory creates transparency on the most important emissions within our company so that we can continuously define improvement targets, as well as reduction and compensation measures.

Axpo has set itself the target of ensuring that the greenhouse gas intensity of electricity generation from its own plants and associates lies below the European target path for the electricity sector in order to achieve the 2° target set in the Paris Agreement.

Environmental impact of our technologies

Axpo is committed to environmental balance and sustainable climate protection. A life cycle assessment documents the environmental impact of a product or service over its entire life cycle. Axpo systematically reviews all its production tech-nologies with the help of the life cycle assessment method, and presents the results in the form of Environmental Product Declarations according ISO 14025 standard.

Ongoing reduction of environmental impacts is one of the key aspects of our sustainability policy. The reduction of greenhouse gases over the entire production cycle is the primary objective of our efforts.

Energy efficiency

Sustained development requires efficient energy utilisation and efficient production and distribution. It’s clear to us that increasing energy efficiency has a positive effect on the productivity of our company – without making compromises when it comes to quality. We plan to significantly increase our energy efficiency by 2022 – and reduce our electricity consumption by 150 million kWh.

Concrete measures

We see concrete potential to increase efficiency by maintaining our production facilities with the most modern, efficient technology, by reducing energy losses on the distribution grids, as well as the economic use of energy in operating our buildings.

In the area of building efficiency, Axpo focuses on new constructions and renovations at Minergie standard. Numerous buildings at the Baden, Rathausen and Böttstein locations already comply with this standard. In addition, building efficiency is being continually improved through optimised operation. The results can be clearly seen in a reduced consumption pattern and lower emissions.


Nuclear safety