Visitor centres

Experience a power plant first-hand

Axpo’s efficient, climate-friendly power plant park in Switzerland is based on hydropower, renewable energies and nuclear power. In this way, Axpo supplies electricity to about three million people in Switzerland. To allow you to experience electricity production up-close, Axpo offers both modern visitor centres and tours of selected power plants. Enjoy a fascinating, unforgettable insight into electricity production and distribution.

A look behind the scenes

Have you ever wanted to stand in the midst of the machine house of a nuclear power plant or see what’s on the monitors in the control room? Or would you rather visit a hydroelectric plant and learn more about the complex technical processes as well as the most climate-friendly way to generate electricity in large-scale power plants? Whatever your preference, a guided tour will provide you with many interesting facts that will help you to better understand the enthralling world of electricity production.

Axporama – living with energy

"Living with energy" is a fascinating exhibit. As a visitor, you’ll learn more about humans as users of energy, slip into the role of an energy manager, experience wind and sun in a ‟climate theatre" and discuss biogas, hydropower and nuclear energy with experts. The high point of the exhibition is the current and future energy supply. You’ll get even more out of your visit to Axporama if you combine it with a guided tour of the Beznau hydropower or nuclear power plant.

Limmern pumped-storage power plant

The Limmern pumped-storage power plant is one of Axpo’s most important expansion projects. The underground plant will pump water from Lake Limmern to Lake Mutt, situated 630 metres higher up, then use it to generate electricity on demand. Guided tours are organised on selected dates and must be booked in advance.