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Axpo Kompogas is a leading company for the dry fermentation of organic waste. With its 15 fermentation plants, 5 composting sites and the mobile services in Switzerland, it processes organic waste of more than 2500 costumers (towns, municipalities, companies) thereby producing renewable energy and nutrient-rich natural fertiliser. Both the energy and fertilisers bear the stamp of quality for ecologically produced products. When it comes to sustainable resource management, Axpo Kompogas is the right partner for municipalities and the commercial and industrial sectors.

The Federal Office for the Environment calculates that a total of 1.82 million tonnes of organic waste are produced per year in Switzerland. If this is used in a Kompogas plant, the material cycle is complete, which is not the case if the organic waste is merely disposed of. Compared to composting, fermentation per ton of green produce reduces CO2 emissions by around 200 kilograms.

Axpo Kompogas

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