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Waste recycling for municipalities and companies

Organic waste: recycling not disposal

Does your municipality or company want to help to reduce CO2 and preserve resources? Then you've come to the right place. It's so easy: the potential lies simply in rubbish sacks. Around one third of household waste is recyclable organic waste. In our Kompogas plants, we produce CO2-free electricity, biogas, heating and natural fertilisers from organic waste.

We offer our consulting services as partial or complete solutions:


  • Eco-calculator to calculate waste quantities and costs
  • Choice of a suitable fee system
  • Waste disposal concepts for all biogenic waste from municipalities
  • Services relating to communication, collection frequency and introducing containers and sacks 
  • Advice on cost optimisation         

With our mobile services we reach into even the remoter regions of Switzerland to process your biomass professionally on site.


  • Eco-calculator to calculate waste quantities and costs
  • Waste disposal concepts for all biogenic waste for the industrial and commercial sectors
  • A range of consulting services 

Green resource management in just a few steps

  • Discussion of the current situation
  • Analysis of the quantity and composition of organic waste as well as the costs of recycling
  • Preparation of a waste concept and provision of a quote

We support you throughout the process, right through to successful implementation. During this period, all factors are taken into consideration, such as logistics, type of recycling, collection system, containers, the use of biogas, green electricity and heat, and natural fertilisers.

Mobile services

We manage your biomass on site

With its mobile services, Axpo Kompogas reaches into even the remoter regions of Switzerland to process your biomass professionally on site. Our service range also includes the management of external composting facilities.

Our mobile services at a glance

  • Shredding organic material
  • Sieving compost and soil and preparation
  • Operation of composting facilities
  • Transplanting compost heaps
  • Preparation of loose rootstocks, tree stumps and clearance work  

Compost products

Nutrients for orcharding and gardening

There is a wide array of uses for the high-quality compost products from our composting sites. Use the composition, application and properties to decide which natural fertiliser will improve the health of your plants.

Our range of compost products

Products Composition Application Properties
Lawn soil 80% Well-matured compost
20% low-lime sand 
Levelling off lawns, seeding new lawns, renovating old lawns Good long-term fertilisation
Particle size: 0-10mm 
Garden humus plus
50% Well-matured compost
50% humus
Horticulture under cover, plant beds and lawns, planting trees and shrubs Particle size: 0-10mm
Garden humus  30% Composted soil
70% humus
Open gardens, plant beds and lawns, filling up uneven areas in the garden Particle size: 0-20mm 
Gardening soil
75% Well-matured compost,
25% peat 
Balcony and pot plants, vegetable and flower garden: Improves and aerates soil Very good water retention, granulation: 0-10 mm
Well-matured compost
90% matured compost from the region, 10% humus, sanitised, composted for at least 12 weeks Covered gardens, can be used for all purposes Good long-term release of fertiliser,
granulation: 0-10 mm
Composted soil
90% matured compost from the region, 10% humus, compost and humus are sanitised, composted for at least 12 weeks Gardens Very rich in nutrients, improves soil structure, biologic protection,
granulation: 0-20 mm

Fertiliser products (solid and liquid digestate)

Fermentation turns biowaste into nutrient-rich natural fertiliser. The waste is separated into solid and liquid fertiliser, both of which are used in agriculture and certified for organic farming. This enables us to close local material cycles and generate new growth.

Wood products

Smarten up your garden

Our wood and mixed wood products make excellent decorative covering and mulch material for gardens, planted areas, paths and much more.

Our range of wood products

Products Damp wood chips Bark decorations 
Composition Chopped softwood Chopped softwood bark 
Application Covering for paths and playgrounds, long-lasting mulch layer for plant beds and pet areas Highly decorative covering and mulch material, suitable for gardens, plant beds, paths, slopes and areas underneath play equipment
Properties Suppresses weed growth, protects plant beds on slopes from erosion, highly decorative.
Particle size: 0-50mm
Particle size: 0-60mm


Energy production

The fermentation process produces biogas in the fermenter. As well as being converted into electricity and heat in CHP plants, this gas can also be treated and channelled into the public grid, enabling it to be used in our homes or to power our mobility. The electricity that is generated is fed into the public power grid. A small amount of the heat energy produced is used to heat the fermenter, with all the rest able to be fed into a district heating network.

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