13.04.2023 | The largest alpine solar plant in the production profile

For more winter power

Jeanette Schranz




AlpinSolar has been producing electricity at 2,500 metres above sea level since October 2021. The 2022 production profile shows that the plant produces up to five times more electricity in the winter months than plants on the midlands on average. That is why we are investing in solar plants in the mountains.

Axpo invests in the expansion of solar plants in the mountains as part of its solar offensive. There is a good reason because such plants bring with them many advantages.


The largest Alpine solar plant operated by Axpo and IWB shows how this is possible in 2022: in the cold months, when we need electricity the most, it produces many times more winter electricity than plants in the midlands.

Production profile of AlpinSolar at 2,500 metres above sea level compared to plants on the midlands
The SFOE feed-in profile shows all load profile measured plants in Switzerland for the years 2017-2019 on average.
Beautiful winter pictures and the added value of AlpinSolar at a glance

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