Energy dialogue - the political debate

Are you interested in topics such as energy policy, climate change, decarbonisation and security of supply? So are we! 

There are no black and white answers to all these questions. Only with fact-based measures can we achieve sustainable solutions. This is why Axpo seeks dialogue with representatives from all political camps - and presents this debate here on our website - in an open and transparent manner. 

Energy Voices Podcast

Mobility, digitalisation, infrastructure: the demand for electricity is increasing. Energy shapes our everyday life, nothing works without it. Switzerland is aiming for a CO2-neutral supply. How can we achieve this? Journalist Karin Frei welcomes guests from business, politics, research and society. She talks openly with them about climate policy, a secure energy supply and what this means for all of us. A podcast series hosted by Axpo with relevant and controversial voices about the future of energy.

This podcast is only available in German. 

Virtual session on 16 June, 2020

At Axpo's first virtual session event, energy politicians and National Councillors Gabriela Suter (SP, AG), Susanne Vincenz-Stauffacher (FDP, SG), Marianne Binder-Keller (CVP, AG) and Mike Egger (SVP, SG) discussed "Energy and climate policy post Corona". Nicola Forster chaired the discussion. Here you will find short video clips of the most important statements. And the whole panel discussion (duration 30-40 minutes)

Panel discussion

Climate election

Climate change was the dominant theme of National elections in October 2019, which is why Axpo dedicated a special website to this important debate last year. There you will find statements, promises and energy policy demands from many politicians from all parties:

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