Reusing biowaste sensibly

Axpo Biomasse is a leading company in the dry fermentation of organic waste. With its fermentation plants, composting stations and mobile services in Switzerland, it recycles biowaste from more than 2,500 customers (towns, municipalities, industry and commerce) to produce renewable energy and nutrient-rich natural fertilisers. Energy and fertilisers bear the seals of approval for ecologically produced products. When it comes to sustainable resource management, Axpo Biomasse is the right partner for municipalities, trade and industry.

Our products and services

Recycling services

You are a municipality or a company and don't know where to put your biowaste? We have the right solution for you.

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Mobile services

We manage your green waste on site.

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Energy from biogenic waste

We produce renewable energy from biogenic waste and recycle the compostable crockery used at various festivals, as well as food leftovers and waste.

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Compost products

We sell high quality compost products for strong plant growth.

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Fertiliser products

We sell nutrient-rich natural fertilizers for sustainable plant growth.

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Covering material

Embellish your garden with cover material from Axpo.

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Who we are


Axpo operates 22 fermentation and composting sites and two sites with mobile services.

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About Axpo Biomasse

Discover Axpo Biomasse

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Our customers

In the biomass sector, we serveover 2500 customers throughout Switzerland.

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Contact us

We would be pleased to advise you on our products and services.

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