Hydrogen is an important pillar of the energy transition. First, it allows areas such as transportation (e.g. freight transport and air traffic), certain industries (e.g. steel and fertilizer production) and heat production to be decarbonized. Second, as an energy carrier, it can be used to store and transport renewable electricity over long distances. This allows renewable energy to be produced in the most favorable locations and decoupled from consumption. Hydrogen is therefore central to the strategies of many countries and the EU.

Axpo wants to play an important role in the transition to a CO2-free energy supply and is very well placed to do so. Firstly, Axpo has outstanding experience in the construction and operation of plants. Secondly, Axpo serves many customers with customized and innovative energy-related services. With a presence in around 40 markets, Axpo can provide its customers with comprehensive support and offer them broad-based solutions. 

Our products

  1. Support in project planning and in the construction of your own hydrogen production
    We support you in your projects for the production of hydrogen. Be it as a stand-alone, or in combination with a dedicated generation park for solar power or wind energy. We are experienced in the dimensioning, planning and construction of parks and electrolysers and advise you on other services related to hydrogen production.
  2. Sourcing of electricity and certificates of origin for electrolysis
    We bring the required electricity and certificates to you and you choose a dedicated power plant as the source, or you purchase in a structured way from a power purchase agreement (PPA).
  3. Optimising the use of electrolysis
    The production costs of hydrogen are approximately 75% dependent on electricity costs, so optimised use is important. Axpo optimises the use of your electrolyser on the market and thus ensures that production costs remain low or that additional income can be generated with the electricity that is not used.
  4. Support for the purchase and marketing of hydrogen
    We are active in around 40 international markets and can purchase and market the hydrogen you produce.

Media releases & reports

Reichenau hydropower plant to produce hydrogen

Axpo and Rhiienergie are building a hydrogen production facility at the Reichenau hydropower plant in Domat/Ems. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in the fall of 2023 and will produce about 350 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. With the project, Axpo and Rhiienergie are making an important contribution to decarbonisation in Switzerland.

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Appeals halt important Axpo hydrogen project

Project planning for a hydrogen production facility at the Eglisau-Glattfelden hydropower plant has come to a halt owing to appeals filed by private citizens. The plant for the production of green hydrogen would have enabled yearly savings of 1.5 million litres of diesel fuel in the road transport sector. Despite this setback, Axpo will continue to advance its hydrogen plans in Switzerland.

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Hydrogen production facility at the Wildegg-Brugg hydropower plant forging ahead

Axpo is planning a hydrogen production facility at the Wildegg-Brugg hydropower plant, which is expected to produce green hydrogen from domestic hydropower by the spring of 2024. Some of this climate-friendly hydrogen will be delivered directly to the nearby Voegtlin-Meyer filling station via a pipeline, and contribute to decarbonisation in the mobility sector. The building permit application for the project was submitted today.

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Axpo and ABB to develop green hydrogen pilot project in Italy

Axpo and ABB are joining forces to explore a series of synergies for the development of green hydrogen in Italy. In a letter of intent (LOI), the two companies commit to combining their innovative, technological and visionary skills for several projects and initiatives related to green hydrogen in various industrial sectors.

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Axpo launches hydrogen initiative in Switzerland

Axpo plans to produce green hydrogen from the power of the river Rhine. A hydrogen production facility at the Eglisau-Glattfelden hydropower plant in Switzerland is the first of several that Axpo will commission in the coming years.

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Axpo focuses on batteries and hydrogen

Axpo is establishing two new departments in the batteries and hydrogen business fields, it was announced today. Battery storage will be a crucial technology for security of supply during the transition to a CO2-free energy world, while hydrogen generated from renewable sources can significantly reduce CO2 emissions from industry and transport.

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Sharing key technologies

Hydrogen future: Axpo Italia and RINA to promote innovative projects

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EU Hydrogen Strategy

The EU focuses on a hydrogen economy and the integration of the energy system

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Hydrogen basics

Storing renewable energies

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Power demand on the rise – strong growth in renewables and H2

McKinsey & Co.: Global Energy Perspective 2021

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