Insights as a Service

Insights as a Service is a modular web application (Paas) with modules to simplify daily work routines. This platform provides users with a systematic overview of relevant data on the infrastructure to derive key insights for operating and maintaining the assets. Dashboards, analyses, and illustrations support the users in advancing their strategies and in making informed decisions. Insights as a Service is available as a cloud software suite and as individual modules.

Identify instantly key information for your infratructure through web based solutions

Searchable Data

This intelligent search leverages key information to be accessed instantly.

Interactive Maps

This interactive map allows key information to be easily depicted. 

Traceable Incidents

This incident management tool simplifies and speeds up the resolution of incidents in your infratructure.

Automated Grid Interface

This fully automated grid planning and calculation can be operated without in-depth know-how and minimises the potential for errors.  

Virtual Inspection

This data module enables efficient management of the image data and complements your assets with information about their condition

The different modules in detail

  • Insights Data provides a central search function that helps to quickly find assets, projects, documents, and people.
  • The individual searchable elements are interlinked. This allows searching from different starting points.
  • The information can be accessed on various devices such as computers or smartphones. 
  • The search module can be extended as needed. 
  • Geographical objects and selected KPIs are depicted on a map to enabale visualisation of location-specific characteristics and connections.
  • Assets can be colour coded according to their status or the current load flow.
  • Images can be structured geographically.
  • The "Incident Module" provides a direct communication channel between the grid control centre and the workers in the field.
  • Alerts are sent by automatic phone call, text message, and e-mail. The incident is simultaneously sent directly to the employee's mobile device.
  • A navigation function leads to the exact location of the incident.
  • All parties involved receive a simple overview of all relevant information on the incident and the affected asset (comments, photos, documents, etc.).
  • Support from first responders and other third parties can be requested directly via the module.
  • Grid Interface enables standardised and fully automated grid calculations.
  • The intuitive interface is easy to use and allows users from different departments (asset management, engineering, network operation) to access it.
  • The module automatically provides access to the patented grid quality index ERIS developed by Axpo .
  • he tool library enables verification and updating of network data like impedance values or lengths of power lines.
  • Virtual  Inspection provides a complete overview of the conducted inspections and processed results.
  • The module creates descriptive statistics on the conditions and identified damages.
  • The inspection results are provided for each asset in a detailed view with digital zoom function.
  • Inspections can be repeated at any time with identical settings.


Sandro Renggli

Product Owner

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