The Axpo distribution grid

Electricity grids are the lifelines of modern society. They bring electricity from power plants to consumers. The route to the customers goes through the transmission and distribution grids. Axpo maintains its own grid infrastructure in Switzerland and uses its distribution grids to connect the transmission grid of the national grid company Swissgrid with the distribution grids of its customers.

With its networks, Axpo supplies electricity to the entire part of northeastern Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and parts of the cantons of Schwyz, Zug, Grisons and Valais. The area with three million inhabitants and a prospering economy covers a third of Switzerland. Up to 3200 MW of power is supplied to customers. Axpo's supra-regional distribution network extends over some 2200 km.

Facts and figures


Cable lines


Days in operation

2200 km

Supra-regional distribution grid

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Power supply

Do you need a connection to the Axpo network for levels 3 and 5? Use the forms below to report your network connection.

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Grid usage rate Axpo Grid AG

Grid usage rate for withdrawal from grid levels 3 and 5.

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Grid usage rates Axpo Hydro Surselva AG

Grid usage rates for withdrawal from grid levels 3 and 5.

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Plant management

Is your building project located near a power line? Obtain more information about the Axpo power lines.

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Grids: For a secure supply of electricity

Electricity comes out of the socket, of course! But how does it get there, what do Axpo’s networks have to do with it, and why do we use drones?

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