As important stakeholders, our suppliers are a key to the success of our company. Every year, we purchase millions of francs worth in goods and services for our business activities using efficient and responsible procurement practices.

The broad spectrum of goods and services purchased ranges from fuels for our production facilities, work and services, from major investments, for example in turbines, to office equipment and IT solutions. Our suppliers are an elementary part of the value chain of our activities.

Quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness are our top priorities. Only if we optimise the entire value chain together will we continue to achieve noticeable competitive advantages in the future. That is why we concentrate on the best and most efficient suppliers.

Please contact us using the contact form if you would like to find out more about procurement at Axpo or would like to become a supplier.

Procurement principles

In the Axpo Procurement Department we increase value within our business division and ensure the long-term security of supply for products and services.

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Partners & suppliers

Quality is very important to us. If you meet our requirements, we offer a fair, long-term partnership.

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Are you a potential supplier and would like to inform us in advance about your product portfolio? Contact us via the contact form.

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