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Automated Inspection Automated Inspection

Determine critical conditions of the equipment

You want your assets to be inspected and digitally displayed when switched on? With our automated inspection, we safely and efficiently determine the condition and transfer the assets into the digital world. In the process, drones take precise images of the actual condition of the plants. The subsequent evaluation of the image material is carried out using artificial intelligence.

Automated Flight Pattern

The assets are approached according to a predefined pattern and recorded with high-resolution cameras.

Each asset has the same pictures and the flight pattern is available for further inspection.

Recording location and camera angle are identical – for a long-term monitoring of the change in condition.

Smart Analytics

With the help of artificial intelligence and the quality checks of our experts, all damage to concrete and lattice towers is detected and noted.

Based on the damage, renovations can be planned and investments can be qualified.

Virtual Inspection

The module for Insights as a Service enables efficient management of image data and links it with information on the equipment and their condition.

Virtual inspection provides an overall view of inspections performed, offers condition and damage analysis, and enables a detailed view with zoom function.

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