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Lone worker assistance provides professional protection for team and lone workers (according to SUVA-44094). Alarm app, emergency call app, personal alarm, dead man's device, dead man's switch and comrade help, all in one. 24/7 emergency call center and worldwide rescue included!

All this without separate devices and without additional technical infrastructure. Low costs and fast implementation are guaranteed.

How is that possible? Almost everyone already carries the lone digital worker protection in their pocket: the smartphone. In combination with an app, the system is quick and easy to put into operation and offers the following functions:

  • Accident detection (willing and unwilling)
  • Emergency call center 24x7
  • Comrade assistance
  • Indoor localization (optional)


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Emmeline Stempfel

Project Manager Digital Transformation

Axpo Power AG

Hydroenergie & Biomasse

Parkstrasse 23 | CH-5401 Baden

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