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This situation is well known to many: the technician is standing in front of the defective hydraulic unit in the power plant with all the tools and material. But how to proceed without hydraulic diagrams and technical documentation? A long way to the archive with a tedious and time-consuming search for the necessary documents is to be expected.

This is where digital documentation comes into play: just reach for your tablet, scan the QR code on the hydraulic unit, and the necessary documents are immediately available on site: hydraulic diagrams, drawings, technical reports. Everything is simply and easily available in just a few seconds. Thus, no interruption of the work, no loss of time and a quick execution and elimination of the disturbance.

Access to digital documentation

  • Available at any time, up-to-date and everywhere
  • Access to equipment specific doduments via QR code
  • Information is transparent and comprehensible, "single point of truth"

Individual customization

  • Own notes (personal) and red corrections
  • Digital folders

Extremely simplified search 

  • Google-like search, supplier, KKS, keyword,...

Less effort

  • Effort for structuring / data maintenance decreases significantly


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