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All year
Monday - Friday:
07.30 – 11.45 h
13.15 – 17.00 h

08.00 – 12.00 h

* There is no product sale on Saturdays. On public holidays, the same opening hours apply as those of MÜVE Biel-Seeland AG.


Berom AG

+41 32 365 36 46

Portstrasse 44b
2555 Brügg

Branch Berom AG

+41 32 422 05 55

Rue des Grands-Prés 14
2854 Bassecourt

Bruno Meier

Sales consultant (biomass acceptance and sales)

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Site tours

The guided tours for visitors explain the processes in the fermentation plants or on the composting sites, the natural cycle and the greatest challenges of this time in the field of biomass. Book your tour now online!

Acceptance list

  • Organic material up to Ø 25 cm, according to overview Acceptance list
  • Branch material and wood clean, from Ø 5 cm up to max. Ø 25 cm, without leaves
  • Trunk wood, rootstocks, rootwood and tree trunks

Sales products

Soil products
Fertiliser products Wood products
Lawn soil loose Natural fertiliser 50 l Wood chips loose
Fine compost soil 30 l    
Compost soil 20 mm loose    
Universal soil 30 l    

More information on the products

Soil products

Fertiliser products

Wood products

Packaged products for your garden

Growing your own vegetables on your doorstep is possible in the countryside and in the city. Plant what you would like to have on your plate and harvest fresh and organic vegetables. Growing your own vegetables, herbs and flowers gives you direct access to nature and has a positive ecological impact on the environment.

Axpo provides all the necessary ingredients (fertiliser, compost and wood products) for suitable plant growth in your raised bed. In the brochure you will find all the information about the filling contents as well as valuable tips and tricks for raised beds.

All bagged goods

Here you will find all our packaged products.

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We would be pleased to advise you on our products and services. 

Your consultant

Bruno Meier

Sales Consultant Biomass Region Central Switzerland