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13.01.2020 | Claudia Casciaro about the strategic direction of Axpo Biomasse AG

"It's time for a green economy"

Axpo has been successfully exploiting the potential of biomass for over 12 years, converting organic waste into fertilisers and renewable energy (heat and electricity). Claudia Casciaro, Head Asset Management Axpo Biomasse AG, reveals the future of biomass at Axpo in a video interview.

As the largest processor of biogenic waste in Switzerland, Axpo knows the advantages of this form of energy: the processing of organic kitchen waste and green waste is CO2-neutral, renewable and makes a significant contribution to climate protection.

Claudia Casciaro has been in charge of Axpo's biomass asset management for around three years. In an interview, she tells us about the challenges Axpo has to face in the biomass sector and the direction in which we will develop in this market. 

To the point

  • Life motto? Impara l'arte e mettila da parte – it is always good to acquire new skills even if you don't need them immediately
  • What does home mean to you? Connectedness and therefore responsibility for my actions
  • The most important invention of the last 100 years? Probably penicillin
  • Favourite destination? Where I have not been yet
  • Preferred sport? Diving (or hiking... in the absence of suitable waters)
  • What's your favorite food? Pizza

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