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A passion for digital hydropower

Our team makes the operation and maintenance of hydropower plants more efficient. This includes end-to-end digital support for all work on the plants. Computer-aided analysis that detects changes in the status of our large machinery using sensor data is also part of the mix, as is the use of drones to obtain image material in hazardous or difficult to access areas. Finally, we bring together all the knowledge gained to enable data-driven decisions for maintenance, inspection and updates. This is how we are turning Hydro 4.0 from a vision into a reality. 

Since the pilot project "Hydro 4.0", our dynamic team has been growing continuously. And we are still looking for reinforcements.

We want to accomplish lofty goals and celebrate successes together. To do so, we need a lot of energy, innovative ideas and expertise. Keen to play a role? We’re looking for dynamic go-getters. The tasks are varied and challenging: from solution engineering, product management and data engineering to data science and project management.

Over the coming years, we will expand our team with new colleagues who share an affinity for digital solutions, think in end-to-end processes and bring a strong customer focus to the table.

The Hydro 4.0 team after the tour of the PSW Limmern, above Elm

Play a role in Hydro 4.0

Join us in shaping the future of hydropower – the backbone of the Swiss energy supply. We offer electrifying challenges in the energising field of hydropower, and look forward to your application. 

Our strategic directions


The Workforce team implements digital solutions that support our plant employees in the maintenance process. This includes for example software-assisted completion of machine maintenance work orders by employees or end-to-end communication infrastructure in the power plants.

To ensure smooth operations, we are building an internal support unit to advise and support our employees in the power plants. We are always on the look-out for new innovative ways to further digitalize work in the hydropower plants – so we can stay ahead of the game in the digital future.

Initiative, independent work and the ability to get things done. With your broad experience in maintenance and implementation of hardware and software solutions, you cover the spectrum of requirements for the digital transformation in our hydropower plants. You are well served by your planning and organisational abilities. With your strong communication skills, you are able to connect with our employees in the plants, who will work enthusiastically with the digital solutions you roll out.


Machine learning for real machines. In our models, we process the sensor data from 40 m high machines and detect changes in their behaviour. 

With each day, we are turning Hydro 4.0 into a reality.

Our team operates and develops solutions along the entire data science value chain. It begins with the data ingestion pipeline in the plant and ends with the resolved problems of our customers.

Do you have good ideas on how to scale up our data ingestion pipeline by a factor of 10? Or a plan for how customers can benefit from the data? Then you’re in exactly the right place with the Analytics team. 


Using autonomous drones, boats and robots, we aim to assist our plant employees in obtaining useful image material.

In many cases, important locations are impossible or dangerous to access. So we look for solutions that transfer image acquisition to a robot. This enables us to initiate new inspections more frequently and whenever necessary. The experts then examine the image material in a safe environment and are optimally supported in their decision making through the pre-processing of the images. To develop the best solutions for us, a pilot project called "robotics@hydro" is underway.

We are looking for new employees who want to shape the future, push their ideas through to completion and are ready to work with others to create solutions in coordination with our plants and customers. If you have drive, curiosity and take pleasure in such a role, we can offer you electrifying challenges in the energising field of hydropower.

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The people behind Hydro 4.0

Emil Bieri, Head Digital Transformation Hydro

"The future belongs to digital networking! After automation of our power plants, parts of which were more than 100 years old, digitalisation is now the next big step. Shaping the digital future of hydropower is my motivation to keep re-imagining and pushing the limits of what’s possible. Be inspired – never give up!"


Jürgen Krenn, Head Workforce Management

"Connecting traditional technology in our hydropower plants with new and innovative concepts, and working together as part of a talented and dynamic team with lots of creative freedom – that motivates me to give my best every single day. True to the credo: with a passion for digital hydropower."


Mathias Pawlowsky, Head Data Science 

"Through the development of economical data science solutions, I’m able to do pioneering work in the field of hydropower and generate real benefits for our customers. It’s a lot of fun and it’s the challenge that motivates me to give my best every day. That’s my contribution to our sustainable energy future!"


We demand a lot – but we also offer a lot

Together, we accomplish lofty goals and celebrate successes. That requires expertise, experience and a dynamic environment. With us, you will be part of a young and agile team based in a central location in Baden (15 min. from Zurich HB). Communication within the team is respectful, open and direct. We also foster our team spirit through shared activities outside the office.

Personal and professional development are just as important to us as flexible working arrangements and the freedom to contribute ideas and bring them to fruition. It all helps our team move forward. Results and progress are important, but so are trial and error. With us, you will enjoy a start-up vibe in the future-oriented energy sector. A contradiction? Not at all. Come and see for yourself. 

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