Successful financial year for Aarekraftwerk Klingnau


17.01.2022 - Today the Board of Directors of Aarekraftwerk Klingnau AG (AKA) approved the annual report and accounts for the 2020/21 financial year, which will be presented at the General Meeting on 11 March 2022. In the year under review, Aarekraftwerk Klingnau produced 186 million kilowatt hours of electricity – slightly less than in the previous year. 

In the 2020/21 financial year, Aarekraftwerk Klingnau experienced no accidents or noteworthy disruptions. The power station produced over 186 million kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to the average usage of around 41,000 four-person households. Due to various inspections and maintenance work, production was slightly lower than in the previous year (202 million kWh).

Compared with long-term figures, the Aare’s flow rate was remarkably high in the year under review. The rate was over 22% higher than the 10-year average. There were 91 days on which more water flowed through the Aare than the Aarekraftwerk power station was able to pass through its turbines (previous year: 12 days). The floods in July 2021 saw a peak flow rate of 2.2 million litres per second. During the period of flooding alone, almost 2,000 tonnes of floating debris were accumulated – the 10-year average being around 580 tonnes.

In the year under review, AKA’s annual costs borne by the partners totalled CHF 10.1 million (previous year: CHF 9.7 million). As a result, production costs came to 5.43 centimes per kilowatt hour (previous year: 4.78 centimes).

Aarekraftwerk Klingnau AG is a partner plant of Axpo (60%) and AEW Energie AG (40%).

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