Digitization of the network infrastructure

We are Axpo Grid, a specialised subsidiary of Axpo. We operate the high-voltage grid in northern and eastern Switzerland. In order to ensure a high level of supply security now and in the future, we have developed and implemented  digital solutions in recent years as part of our Grid 4.0 digitalisation and innovation programme. Intelligent technologies help to cope with the increasing complexity of the energy supply, create transparency in data analysis and simplify day-to-day work. We advance the digitalization of grid infrastructure together with our customers.

Our Solutions

Insights as a Service

Digitally manage assets. Ensure instant availability of information about your assets at any time, from anywhere. With this objective in mind, we developed the platform solution "Insights as a Service". Various modules like incident management simplify your day-to-day work.

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Automated Inspection

Inspect your infrastructure automatically. Say good-bye to taking pipelines out of operation, climbing supporting structures and create time-consuming reports. We simplify the process and increase the quality of maintenance with automated inspection.

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Digital Assessment

Advance digitalisation sustainably. How can digital technologies and methods support your daily business as a grid operator? In our digital assessment, we identify your opportunities and share potential pitfalls.

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Automated Routing

Software-based planning of power line routes. Thanks to automated routing, we can plan overhead or cable lines in a standardised and efficient way. Comprehensive visualisations support your stakeholder management.

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Our interdisciplinary team consists of engineers, data scientists, data engineers, data architects, and specialists in business intelligence, building information modelling, drones, and robotics 

Johannes Manser
Head BI & Data Analytics, Product Owner «Digital Assessment»
Leonhard Lowack
Engineer Strategic Asset Management
Remo Tichy
IT Business Partner, Product Owner «Automated Routing»
Kevin Geiger
Digital Engineer Drones, Product Owner «Automated Inspection»
Sandro Renggli
Digital Engineer, Product Owner «Insights as a Service»
Norbert Burger
Digital Business Development Manager
Driving digitization at grid installations: These colleagues are developing digital solutions. Think freely. Share their knowledge. And work across divisions with internal and external partners.

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