Digitalisation of network infrastructure

Efficiency in infrastructure planning, control and operation for a stable and optimized energy supply

Our solutions

Insights as a Service

Digitally manage assets.

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Automated Inspection

Inspect your infrastructure automatically.

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Incident Management

Minimize downtime through quick and coordinated action.

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Building Information Modeling

Plan your infrastructure projects and manage your assets digitally with the BIM method.

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Under development

Grid Interface

The professional front end for your power grid.

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Our interdisciplinary team consists of engineers, data scientists, data engineers, software developers, and specialists in business intelligence, building information modeling, and drones.

We are advancing digitalization in grid systems.
Together, our colleagues develop new solutions and shape the digital world of tomorrow. We collaborate across divisions with internal and external partners and share our knowledge.



Our future grid

The Grid 4.0 programme

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Aerial inspections with drones

Axpo Grids expands service business

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The grid of the future is smart

Intelligent grids and their importance in Switzerland

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New software: Optimal routing of power lines

Automated planning of overhead lines and underground cables with new software

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