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Mobile maintenance makes paperless work a reality in every corner of power plants. Team leaders communicate directly with their employees via tablet and smartphone: Orders are recorded digitally and assigned to the employees. The workers have an overview of the upcoming jobs and thus know in advance about the planned activities. This simplifies preparation and execution.The employees report directly to the system via mobile devices, i.e. the work report of the activities performed, the material required and the hours spent are recorded directly on the smartphone with just a few touches of the finger. There is no need to spend time on post-processing the orders and entering the data afterwards in the office.

Overview of the main functions:

  • Digital order planning and scheduling
  • Record hours and material directly on order
  • Access to the equipment on site directly via QR code
  • Enter orders (maintenance requests, confirmations)
  • All information in one place (equipment histroy)

Mobile maintenance creates a detailed history of the maintenance work carried out at the power plants. Dashboards provide power plant managers and other decision-makers with a powerful tool for developing maintenance strategies. For example, maintenance objects requiring particularly high maintenance and costs can be identified in a simple manner, and suitable replacement investments or optimizations can then be carried out.

Digital contract management makes the mobile maintenance offering complete: all operationally relevant contracts, such as maintenance agreements with third-party companies, are stored in the tool and the plant manager is automatically informed about the on going and end of contract terms. This ensures continuous and cost-effective maintenance of the plants.


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