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Axpo and Energie Zürichsee Linth invest in the expansion of renewable energies

Biowaste from the Obersee region will be ecologically disposed of through processing in a newly constructed dry fermentation plant. The produced biogas will be fed into the local gas grid. Approximately 15 GWh of energy can be generated from the 30,000 tonnes of green waste annually. This corresponds to the heat volume for 3,000 households or CO2-neutral fuel for 2,000 passenger cars. The project is being realised in a cooperation between Axpo Biomasse AG and Energie Zürichsee Linth (EZL).  

A centre for sustainable resource management in Engelhölzli

Axpo Biomasse AG already operates a fermentation plant in Engelhölzli, north of the A15 Oberland motorway. This facility will be replaced by a larger, modern plant. EZL will feed the generated biogas into its local grid. In addition, EZL is investigating the realisation of a biogas and hydrogen filling station for public transport buses and private vehicles.

A project for the recycling of reusable materials is also being planned at the same location, realized by the companies JMS Group and Rüegg Karl Tiefbau+Transport AG. Development of the area in this way creates a centre for sustainable resource management that will make a contribution to achieving the climate and energy policy targets of the city Rapperswil-Jona and the federal government.

Multi-step, political process

Planning and implementation of these projects require a multi-step, political process. This comprises the adaptation of the cantonal structure plan, the municipal zoning plan process, as well as the municipal special land use plan and the building permit process. Each step foresees a participation procedure so that the requirements of residents are considered at all times. The building permit is expected at the end of 2022 at the earliest. For questions regarding the political process, please contact the city of Rapperswil-Jona.     

Renewable energy from domestic resources

The energy circle
  • Processing 30,000 tonnes of biogenic waste from the region.
  • One tonne of green waste generates 1,000 kWh of energy
    (corresponding to approximately 80L of petrol or 60L of heating oil).
  • The plant will generate 15 GWh of biogas per year and feed it into the EZL grid (corresponding to the heat volume for 3,000 flats or CO2-neutral fuel for 2,000 passenger cars).
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by about 4,000 tonnes per year
    (corresponding to the consumption of 1.5 million litres of gasoline).

Cooperation of Axpo and EZL

The two partners, Axpo and Energie Zürichsee Linth, ideally complement each other in the realisation of the fermentation plant project. Project achievement will create a local, legal entity that makes a contribution to the local value chain.

Axpo is the largest Swiss producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and in the marketing of solar and wind power. With Axpo Biomasse AG, it has also been active in the sustainable recycling of biowaste for more than 20 years and operates 15 fermentation plants in Switzerland. As a result, Axpo has experience and know-how in all areas from waste separation to green waste collection, processing, energy production and fertiliser.

EZL has been supplying the region with eco-friendly energies like natural gas and biogas, as well as heat including the necessary services for 115 years. EZL supports the shift to climate-friendly solutions for individual mobility with its gas fuels and gas-powered vehicles. 


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