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Axpo’s strategy recognises the growing role of digital innovation and the need to remain adaptable in a changing environment. We’re excited about the promise of fewer routine tasks, less administration and lower error rates as digitalisation and automation take off. At the same time, we’re committed to helping our people develop skills for the future. As our business transforms, we support you on your own personal growth journey. Structured learning, informal development and practical experience prepare you – and Axpo – to address future challenges successfully.

Simone Ontyd

"Everyone learns differently, which is why we offer a range of teaching formats. We feel that you should be able to learn at any time, in any place, and using any technological device."

Simone Ontyd, Head HR Trading & Sales / Learning & Development
Tatjana Kropp

"Knowledge residing in our business is an intangible asset - one woth an increasing value. Sharing of knowledge benefits all of us: we learn, develop and improve our performance. At Axpo, we foster knowledge exchange and learning from others."

Tatjana Kropp, Senior Global Learning & Transform. Mgr.

Learning together

At Axpo, we share a wealth of knowledge. Benefit from the experience and know-how of smart and experienced colleagues in diverse teams across the Axpo Group, and exceed yourself through inspiring and challenging projects and tasks. Special initiatives like Lunch & Learn, (Un)learning, Social Learning and Mentoring complement the range of professional development opportunities offered at the Axpo Academy and through LinkedIn Learning.

"I see changes as opportunities for daily learning and professional development. Personally, I avoid routines and stimulate myself to grow by searching for opportunities to create added value in my environment. In my opinion, intrinsic motivation is the ultimate foundation for learning. This is why I encourage my employees to pitch their ideas and to pursuit their preferred challenges."

Vlatka Komaric, Head Quantitative Risk Management

"When I first joint Axpo, I didn’t have any energy knowledge and I really appreciated when other Axpo employees took the time to explain the new industry to me. At Axpo, people are very happy to break down their area of expertise for their colleagues and you can learn a lot from them. I personally encourage my team to also get new learnings and insights from outside Axpo and share their knowledge with colleagues from across the group, since cross-organizational knowledge sharing and inspiration is very important for us."

Martine Graziano, Head Transformation & Innovation

"I feel that being curious about new challenges is the best approach and it motivates me to keep learning new things. I want to know how things work, but also how they can be done better. Axpo encourages and supports this thirst for knowledge in a variety of ways. For example, I was able to benefit a lot from the mentoring program, the 360 ° feedback or targeted training offers. I can develop myself further and this had a positive influence on my career at Axpo."

Roland Mörker, Senior Project Manager Finance



Individual experience makes up around 70% of learning. Working with different colleagues, you’ll encounter specific tasks, projects and challenges that deepen your knowledge and strengthen your skillset. Axpo’s innovative unlearning approach helps you combine this practical experience with interdisciplinary exchange to accelerate your personal learning journey. Unlearning also creates a safe space in which to discuss topics that can trigger uncertainty, enabling us as an organisation to reflect on current thought patterns and shift perspectives.

Social learning

Peer-to-peer knowledge transfer is an important pillar of Axpo’s learning strategy. Regular digital and on-site events, platforms and other spaces enable knowledge exchange within the organisation. We also invite thought leaders to share trends, business challenges and experiences. 

Mentoring programme

We foster the exchange of skills, knowledge, and understanding between generations, cultures, and different business areas. Axpo invests in a mentoring programme that supports you at every stage of your career. Mentors share their valuable expertise and get insights from reverse mentoring in return.

Self-directed learning

At Axpo, you’re in control of your learning and development journey. We empower you to define goals and acquire skills that benefit you, our organisation and the sustainable future of energy. We understand that preferences vary so we offer a range of formats that cater to different learning styles. 

LinkedIn Learning

Whether you’re looking for insights into Scrum or want to learn more about agile project management, LinkedIn Learning has a course for everyone. Axpo offers all our people free access to the programme. Take your pick from over 16,000 online courses and learn at your own pace.

Axpo Academy

The Axpo Academy is your gateway to the Axpo world of learning. Visit the portal to browse options, sign up for courses or replay previous training sessions. The Axpo Academy covers all aspects of strategic learning and peer-based content needs. From leadership and IT skills to personal development and mindset: you’ll discover a wide range of basic and advanced training to support your personal and professional development.


We empower our people’s ongoing development through various learning formats. We provide formal and informal development opportunities as well as on-the-job training. We also offer flexible cost and time-sharing models to support you in pursuing further education, including additional degrees or professional certificates.

We understand that international work experience is an enriching development opportunity, and we offer short-term assignments abroad for high-potential candidates. Exact details will depend on your role at Axpo. All assignments have to be discussed individually with your line manager. 

Everyone learns differently, which is why we offer a wide range of learning formats. We believe in empowering our people to learn at any time, anywhere, and using their preferred device. The Axpo Academy offers video tutorials, interactive e-learning modules, access to LinkedIn Learning, virtual webinars, knowledge sharing events, and classroom trainings. Axpo is a diverse organisation and benefits from the breadth of our people’s different professional backgrounds, experience, and knowledge. It’s also why we support the exchange of knowledge within the organisation and promote a culture of learning from others. Autonomy and a thirst for knowledge are essential for personal development and professional success at Axpo. 

Axpo’s people enjoy part-time arrangements, flexible working hours, opportunities for remote working and help with childcare costs. 

Axpo does not have a traditional, fixed career path. While this approach offers no guarantee of linear progression, it does promise room for experimentation, learning and development in a variety of fields. Career progression at Axpo includes scope for evolution across different subject areas so you can grow your knowledge and expertise in all directions. Wherever you go at Axpo, we’ll ask you to take responsibility and show initiative in your role. 

We empower all our people to make the most of their career at Axpo. With a dedicated talent management programme, we support our high-potential people  according to their specific needs. When you’re ready, we introduce you to challenging, complex or more senior roles and activities. As we post all jobs internally, there’s plenty of opportunity to seek out new experiences within Axpo.

We know that the best solutions come from different viewpoints. Our various networks – including female executives, talents, junior staff and - subject matter experts across - encourage discussion, development and mutual support. We also help our people to connect informally through our Axpo Academy, Axpo’s Culture Club and sporting events.