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The Axpo Group is consistently implementing its digitalisation strategy. In procurement, too, Axpo relies on state-of-the-art tools and suppliers to actively support us on this journey.

To this end, Axpo provides its suppliers with the SAP Ariba collaboration portal for digital collaboration between procurement, departments and suppliers. We call our portal "WeBuy".

As SAP Ariba is cloud-based, you don’t need to install any hardware or software. WeBuy, and thus also the processing of transactions via WeBuy, is always free of charge for you.

If you want to benefit from advanced features or are considering integrating it into your ERP system, Ariba offers you various options for a fee. 

WeBuy powered by SAP Ariba covers our entire source-to-receive process. 

As a supplier, the "SAP Ariba Supplier Portal" gives you a complete overview of the processes: you can see our orders, confirm them directly and later also enter your invoices and see when they are approved for payment.

For the Divisions Axpo Distribution, Hydro & Biomass and Nuclear, Coupa will continue to run until they are also replaced with SAP Ariba. Further information to the affected suppliers will follow in due course.


If the FAQ does not help you, please feel free to contact us via phone or via the contact form.

Further information on the area of ​​procurement can be found here.

Frequently asked questions

SAP Ariba bei Axpo

Axpo Group is digitalising its procurement processes. We use the SAP Ariba application to handle this process. The master data of all providers and suppliers is maintained and updated electronically there. You can easily notify us of your changes using SAP Ariba. Each time you participate in a tender, the data stored by you is retrieved, reducing your workload and enabling us to carry out evaluations more quickly.  

The switch to SAP Ariba means that Axpo and its suppliers will work together on a system called SAP Ariba.

This applies to all interactions, e.g. sending and receiving tenders, orders, confirmations, invoices, communication, information updates, etc.

This means that all suppliers should register in SAP Ariba.

Axpo started the process on 1 October 2022 and is now continuously working on integrating all existing and new suppliers.

Working with SAP Ariba offers suppliers the following benefits:

You can update your contact details yourself. This gives you an online overview of all tenders to which you have been invited, as well as the status of your order and invoices.

Increased accuracy for order information and invoices, resulting in fewer discrepancies and less effort required for changes.

Become visible to customers using the SAP Business Network around the world and support your customer’s strategic business plan.

All suppliers that have a business relationship with Axpo and are expected to receive an order for a specific service or product. 

Axpo Procurement adopted its digitalisation strategy in 2021 and is now systematically implementing it on a step-by-step basis. Axpo relies on suppliers who work with us to help us to use our digital procurement processes together. Registering in the Ariba Network and submitting the Axpo questionnaire is a basic prerequisite for this. It ensures that master data is accurate and up-to-date in our systems and helps to ensure it is processed efficiently. Failure to register leads to various process and compliance challenges and delays the tendering, ordering and payment process. 

SAP Ariba registration

Suppliers will receive an email invitation from Axpo to register in SAP Ariba in order to open an account.

They will then receive another invitation to register in the SAP Ariba Network.

TYou can find the instructions here:

The first registration is required to create an SAP Ariba account (ANID)

The second registration in the SAP Ariba Network is used to exchange documents electronically.

This is specially designed for cooperation between buyers and suppliers. Suppliers use this to display their orders, create and submit invoices, and manage their catalogues with specific customers. This allows suppliers to check the status of all transactions.

You can log in with your existing account to complete and submit the Axpo registration questionnaire.

No, a free Ariba Network "standard account" is all you need to work with Axpo.

If you would like to use the advanced capabilities of the SAP Business Network, you can choose to upgrade to the "enterprise account" at any time, which is subject to a fee. 

Experience shows that the registration process takes just under 30 minutes. 

In the SAP Ariba supplier portal you can find all the required information about integration into our system, including the training videos.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Axpo onboarding team. Contact us using the contact form above.

No additional software is required. You can use Ariba Network with all common browsers you are sure to be familiar with:

Apple Safari 9+ (64 bit); Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (32 bit); Microsoft Edge 25; Google Chrome 53–55 (64 bit); Mozilla Firefox 48–50 (64 bit)

No, suppliers do not need to create a separate SAP Ariba account for each Axpo organisation. 

Yes, we recommend registering in any case. Regardless of the frequency or reasons for your invoice or your status as an organisation.

Several email addresses (persons) can be stored within an account. The supplier’s account administrator can manage this independently.

We would like all invoices to be submitted via SAP Ariba.

You can still send us your invoices by email, and we will process them manually. Your invoice must at least be in a text-based PDF file and include a contact person and an order number (if available). Please note: if you do not use SAP Ariba, your invoice and payment may be delayed.

Data protection is ensured, amongst other things, by encrypting the uploaded documents or sensitive information before they are stored and transmitted in the database.