The Robotics subproject becomes "robotics@hydro"

robotics@hydro is the follow-up project to the previous activities in the robotics subproject of Hydro 4.0 and aims to automate a wide range of operations and support for the teams on site in their tasks. As a follow-up project, we are building on the experience gained and continuing the success of this project. As with the initial pilot project, we want to tackle real tasks and improve them. To do this, close cooperation with employees at the various hydropower plants is crucial. They know the tasks best and are also in a good position to judge whether an envisaged solution really makes a difference or just looks good on paper. The project was launched in early January with a digital workshop attended by employees from all regions. Although this was new territory for most of us, we were able to gather a lot of precious information about needs and ideas for solutions in a short time. From this, we identified 8 sub-areas that we want to pursue further and from which we are currently deriving the use cases to be tested (proof of concept) in the new robotics@hydro pilot project.

We are looking forward to a thrilling time and to lear a lot from our colleagues on site!